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Caroline Lunny – Miss Mass USA 2014

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: Katie Boyd is a goddess magician. I knew I had to train with Katie because she is the best at what she does, and I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than the best because I wanted the crown… and with Katie Boyd’s help, I got it! I had never felt more healthy and beautiful than I did while competing for Miss Massachusetts USA 2014. Going into pageant weekend knowing your body is tight, toned and tanned (Thanks again for the sun kissed cheeks!) allows you to leave any negativity at the door and go in being your best, confident self. I worked my buns off (literally!) to get the body I have, but I wouldn’t have known my behind from my elbow if it wasn’t for Katie Boyd pushing me everyday. She is so much more than a personal trainer– she has was too many hysterical stories up her sleeve (I burnt almost as many calories laughing as I did with the work outs!), taught me so much about the value of meditation and cleansing, she is a great listener, and an amazing friend. I am so grateful for the chance to have my butt kicked in the pink prison, I owe Katie everything. I have no fear going into Miss USA, I have Katie Boyd on my side and I have complete faith that she will help me have the body I need to take on the universe!

Thanks for always pushing me to be my best self and never letting me settle for anything less than I deserve. I’d be lost, fat and miserable without you, Katie.

Lauren Kuhn

Katie truly helped me transform for Miss America! She taught me to eat protein, maintain an exercise routine I could do anywhere (dorm room, hotel room, etc) and her motto is that fit, rather than thin, is attractive. I recommend her to everyone I encounter! Plus, she is uplifting, which never ceases to give me that needed boost of confidence!

Miss Massachusetts 2014, 4th runner-up to Miss America 2015

Annie Jean-Baptiste

When I first started going to Katie, I truly did not know what to expect. I had just competed in my first pageant, and had not been prepared for the whirlwind that it was. It was safe to say I needed an expert to whip me into shape. Katie was immediately warm, hilarious and helped cultivate a meal plan that would get me in tip top shape. As a former all-league athlete and a dancer, I was used to not having to worry about what I ate. After college and beginning a new job, I gained 40 pounds over 6 years. Katie has helped me not only drop that weight and more, but has helped me see that what I put into my body is the fuel that can propel me to success, not only in pageants, but in everything else. A year later, Katie is so much more than a trainer to me. She customizes a plan holistically for each woman, taking into account body, mind and spirit. Katie cultivates strong women, who prioritize health and fitness, and are strong inside and out. It is a true testament to who Katie is as a person that so many women of all ages, shapes and backgrounds are loyal to Katie’s method. She is an expert in the field, and has completely revolutionized the way I think about eating, wellness, and fitness. Being thin is not the end goal: being strong, confident and healthy is always her focus, something I felt was truly unique and a big key to why women flock to Katie. More importantly, everyone who comes into Katie’s gorgeous gym feels like a friend. Katie has an infectious quality about her that makes you immediately trust her. More than helping me get into the best shape of my life ( as a 3 season former athlete and dancer this is quite a feat), Katie is a life-long friend and mentor. I actually go through withdrawal when I have not been to he gym in a while, because I miss her hilarious stories, and her tough love workouts. Katie helps you grow from the inside out, introducing meditation, 1 on 1 check ins, and a myriad of other tactics, for each person to feel centered and empowered after leaving her gym. I know that through each important stage of my life,long after pageants are over, I will go to Katie for support and a rocking body!
-Miss Earth USA best in Swimsuit, Miss Maine USA 2014 Best in Style -Miss Maine USA 2014 2nd Runner Up

Janelle Woods – Mcnish

I’ve worked with Katie to get ready for two national competitions. In addition to be in the best shape of my life- even after having twins- I received mental and spiritual guidance that truly helped me grow as an individual and competitor. Anyone thinking of competing or simply looking to get in their best shape, Katie is the only trainer to work with.

Alexandra Mack

Training with Katie Boyd in preparation for Miss Massachusetts USA was the best decision that I made during pageant prep, hands down. Her ability to make you look and (more importantly) feel beautiful, confident and fit comes easily for her, and without her guidance and support, I would have never been a contender in the pageant, nor would I have had the confidence to walk in a bikini in heels on a stage in front of hundreds of people. She works tirelessly for her girls, creating unique meal plans for each individual, motivating them with words of wisdom, and supporting them the entire road to the pageant. Katie has a way to make fitness fun, integrating humor and socializing while sweating and working your butt off. She knows what she is doing; down to the spray tan  Of all of the preparations that went into the pageant, Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club was the one decision I find to be the most positive and worthwhile of them all. Thank you Katie Boyd!

Cara Lemire

Katie Boyd has been more than just a trainer: She’s been a mentor, a friend, and a constant source of guidance and motivation. With Katie’s help, I placed in the top 11 at Miss MA America, and placed 4th runner up at Miss MA USA. I couldn’t have achieved this without her expertise and guidance. Her customized workout/meal plans were instrumental in shaping my body. The workouts were fun, easy to understand and incredibly effective. I loved that I was able to take my workout plan just about anywhere. It was also fun to attend bootcamp and yoga/meditation classes as a way to supplement my at-home workouts. Leading up to Miss MA USA, I was at just about every class, every day, giving it my all.

Working out at KBMFC is so much fun: I love the atmosphere and everyone is incredibly nice and supportive. Katie always entertains us with awesome stories and her hilarious sense of humor. Most importantly, while working with Katie, I feel healthy, strong and confident. I got into the best shape of my life and it’s all thanks to Katie! Katie cares deeply for her clients and is always there for a motivational pep talk or to teach you how to meditate. She has a holistic approach to fitness and wellness, making sure that your body is in great shape, but that your mind is also in great shape too! Thank you for everything, Katie!

Gina Lewis

When prepping your body – and mind – for an onstage competition like Miss Massachusetts USA, there is no one else to go to but Katie Boyd. During my time of preparation, Katie believed in me and held me accountable to my goals. Ultimately, I gave my best performance yet this past year, placing as 3rd Runner-Up in Miss Massachusetts USA 2014, and I could not have done it without the confidence I gained by understanding my body and maintaining a peaceful and focused mindset. Katie Boyd is a trainer who gets to know your mind, body and soul when preparing you for your goals. She seeks to understand your likes, dislikes and what motivates you before designing a plan that will ultimately have you looking and feeling like your best self. It takes much determination to set your mind and change your lifestyle, but Katie guides you through the entire process – without charging extra for the mental breakdown or mistaken cheat day in between. I’ve never experienced such a holistic approach to getting in the best shape of my life, and could not have conquered a 30+ pound weight loss without her constant guidance, motivation, and reminders to love myself and my goals. They say no one knows a body like Katie Boyd – and it is the TRUTH! Her best weapon is her no-nonsense attitude, combined with kick-butt workouts and food secrets to die for! When Katie holds the mirror up, you can’t look away – she tells it like it is and will have you laughing throughout your entire journey (because it burns more calories that way!).

-3rd Runner-Up, Miss Massachusetts USA 2014
-Top 15, Miss Massachusetts USA 2012

Bailey M

Katie has hands down been one of the best parts of my pageant career. Because I live far from her, she trained me virtually for Miss Massachusetts Teen USA and helped me to capture the crown without even having to step in her gym! Luckily I was able to then work with Katie both virtually and in her gym when I began training for the national stage. Out of all 51 contestants, I was voted as having the #1 swimsuit body by Pageantplanet.com!! I had NEVER felt so comfortable in my skin as I did walking the Miss Teen USA stage representing Massachusetts. Katie has sincerely contributed to a great deal of the success in my life while keeping me laughing and full of positivity! I’ll never train with anyone else.

Alyssa Taglia

I have been working with Katie Boyd since I was sixteen years old, and now as a twenty four year old woman, I am confident when I say that Katie has taught me the true definition of proper nutrition and balance! As Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2010 and Miss Connecticut 2016, Katie Boyd has always helped me reach my fitness goals all while reminding and teaching me how important it is to always maintain a healthy mind and spirit.

Meagan Fuller

I had my first meeting with Katie in 2011 and she has been an irreplaceable presence in my life ever since! From the Miss America stage to civilian life (ha!), Katie was with me every step of the way, ensuring my fitness preparation was sustainable beyond the fleeting seconds I would spend in competition. As a former titleholder and public health professional, I value her personalized, holistic approach to healthy lifestyle management, and I continue to incorporate her advice, recipes, and workouts in my wellness routine to this day. – Miss Massachusetts 2015