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Spiritual Lessons


Free and liberate your true authentic self.

Most of the time, the reason why people do not fully achieve their physical and health related goals is because their body, mind, and spirit are not working symbiotically. Your trainers can give you the best workouts and meal plans available. However, if you are thinking self-defeating and negative thoughts, while having no self-esteem, you will never truly be the winner you were born to be. Sometimes changing your thoughts is as easy as a few sessions spent peeling the spiritual onion and figuring out the root of your problem. Discovering and embracing what is holding you back from being the bad ass that you are meant to be means moving forward and breaking bad patterns. These spiritual healings include life-coaching sessions and learning how to meditate so that you manifest all that you desire while also releasing stress. Other modalities utilized are learning to cut energetic ties to people and experiences that have hurt you and are holding you back. We hold Spirit Days where Miss Fits from far and wide come to elevate each other to the next level with support and special ceremonies. Free and liberate your true authentic self by attending our spirituality events, so you can start living the life you have always dreamed of.

New Moon Sound Healing

Celebrate and rejuvenate yourself under the new moon with an awakening and relaxing sound bath. This ritual will prepare you and excite you for new beginnings in sync with the lunar cycle.

$50 pre pay – $60 at the door

Full Moon Sound Healing

Release and let go of all habits, words, and relationships that no longer serve you. Prepare yourself for change and a new lifestyle without past baggage.
A cleansing fire ceremony to cut ties with all things weighing you down under the full moon.

$50 pre pay – $60 at the door

Kristen Tellier

I recently approached Katie about enrolling in her gym and classes at KBMFC so that I could lose some weight and focus on bettering my health. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it just wasn’t about working on the “outside,” but focusing more on the “inside” that mattered. In a short couple months, I have been able to talk to Katie and other women at the establishment about the importance of self-care, and have realized that by working on these things I’m giving myself the opportunity to open my mind and soul and grow in ways I never imagined. I’ve been able to participate in group yoga (which I love), as well as “Sound Bath” sessions that center around meditation and journaling on a personal and individual level. I can’t say enough about how, in just a short period of time, these things have really helped me evolve on a spiritual level. I also can’t say enough about Katie and how special and dedicated she is to each one of her clients. I’m so happy that I made the choice to join and become a “missfit,” and can’t wait to see myself evolve even more over time!

Reiki Healing

$125 for 60 minutes

$175 for 90 minutes

$215 for 2 hours

Leila Samii

To say Katie has changed my life would be an understatement. She has helped me discover my strengths and become a much better version of myself. Through Sound Baths, Reiki, Spirit Day and her regular classes I have learned how to become more patient and stress free while everything else has been the same. It’s almost as though she has helped me learn how to slow down time. Everyone needs a Katie Boyd in their life, but no one is Katie!

Private Sound Healing & Reiki Certification

Reiki I $300

Reiki II $500

Reiki III Master $800

Reiki Teacher $1200

Meditation Lesson – $100

Explore the world of Transcendental Meditation. Katie Boyd has studied the methods learned under the Chopra family to bring these teachings to you. Benefits include stress relief and spiritual alignment.

1 Hour of Life Coaching – $200

Realize your goals and plan your path to success. Tackle what obstacles are holding you back from being your true authentic self.

Zarah Roubian

A friend whose daughter took pageant lessons from Katie introduced me to Katie years ago. I did not know much about her but I did know I had recently had my second daughter and was unhappy with the person I was at the time. Katie taught me so much about nutrition, fitness and spirituality. She taught me how to meditate which I never would have done on my own. I attended one of her amazing sound baths and it was truly transformational! My favorite part was writing everything negative about ourselves and throwing it into the fire pit outside and telling ourselves that it no longer serve a purpose in our lives. I have also attended her incredible spirit day. Making vision boards for the upcoming year was my absolute favorite. It really set me up for an amazing year! Katie has inspired me to now be a certified personal trainer and above all, the best version of myself. Which is a happy and healthier version that I am forever grateful for. Thank you Katie Boyd for being wonderful you!!!!!!!!

Fire Ceremony – $100

Pour your heart out onto paper and watch your insecurities burn away with the Fire Ceremony. This cathartic process allows you to move forward in life with a clean slate, nothing holding you back.

Robin Plante

Katie Boyd is the most inspiring, motivating, loving, caring, real human soul that I know. She has taught me that it’s ok to love myself first, to be able to become the best version of myself.
Her spiritual sound baths and spirit days are amazing. She has helped heal my broken heart some over the death of my Mother, my best friend. Katie’s voice and touch is that of an angel. Katie Boyd is real and truthful she talks her talk and walks her walk. Being a part of the Miss Fit Club has changed my life for the better everyday. The sisterhood we all share from all over the world is real, loving, kind and inspirational. Heartfelt. “I AM” are two of the most powerful words, and what I have put after them everyday since joining Katie’s Miss Fit Club has manifested my life into my best life. Everyday I AM stronger, happier, healthier, more grateful. Today and everyday I AM… grateful for Katie Boyd. She is my friend and my Soul Sister

Cord Cutting – $100

Sever ties with toxic relationships that are holding you back. Cut the spiritual ties with negative relationships so you can fly your highest.

Spirit Day – $50

Join the KBMFC Sisterhood on our quarterly spirit days to knock down barriers and find our true selves. Chakra yoga, death meditation, and vision board making are in store for this fun and enlightening day with your KBMFC sisters.

Rita Rolloff

I remember being first introduced to meditation with Katie. I felt like I’ve always been spiritual however, I’ve never tapped into meditation. I told her how much I struggled with knowing what I wanted to do. She then asked me, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail and had all the money in the world to achieve your dreams?” I had no clue. I never thought about it like that. Growing up I always was taught to pursue a career that made me money. At that time, happiness wasn’t the first priority when choosing a career. About a year later, I visited Katie to experience Spirit Day. Spirit day is where we thought about our life as it related to our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental well being. This completely changed my life, and made me switch my career path. I am forever grateful for Katie for showing me that being happy is the most important thing in life.