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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I bring to class?

Wear comfortable workout clothes, good sneakers, your own yoga mat (you can use a the gym ones if you prefer or don’t have your own), water and a good attitude.

When do I receive my meal plan if I request it via email?

Katie sends out meal plans every Thursday. If you have just signed up on a Thursday, your meal and workout plan will be given to you on the following Thursday. Katie is extremely good with deadlines so please don’t harass her at 10am on Thursday morning if you don’t see an email from her. She’s probably working on other meal plans and hasn’t gotten to yours yet. Take a chill pill.

If I miss my one on one can I make it up?

If you cancel before 24 hours then you can make up your appointment by canceling through the MindBody App and rescheduling. You will not be charged if you follow this 24 hour policy.

What happens if I no show an appointment?

If you no show an appointment without canceling via MindBody or contacting Katie directly, you will be charged for that appointment in full. For members that have a monthly one on one included in their membership, you forfeit that one on one and will have to wait to schedule next month with Katie. Please realize her time is very valuable and give her 24 hour’s notice that you won’t be able to make your appointment.

Where can I purchase my Garden of Life products?

You can purchase Garden of Life Products online on our MindBody page and have them shipped to a mailing address or come into the gym where we have multiple Garden of Life products in stock.

How do I receive the benefits of the Private/ Member’s Only Nutrition Page?

You must be a paying member of KBMFC in order to access the private Facebook page. If you are delinquent on a payment or are no longer a member, then you will be removed from the page. Members are reviewed weekly.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can only cancel your membership if the initial time you signed up for in your agreement is completed and you’re currently paying on a month-to-month basis. If you’re paying month to month, then send a 30-day notice of cancellation to Your notice will be processed in 2-3 business days. If you do not fit these conditions but have extenuating circumstances, please email billing@kbmfc, but know that depending on the situation your notice of cancellation may not be accepted if you are not paying month to month.

Can I ask Katie questions in between classes?

Katie is mentally preparing for her next class, so please do not ask her any questions during this time. This goes for our other trainers and employees between classes as well. If you want to schedule an appointment, use the MindBody app or website. For any other questions for Katie, you can email

Where can I utilize the bathroom facilities?

Our bathroom facilities are on the first floor. Please do not ask to use the upstairs bathroom. It is a private facility for owners and employees.

Who do I speak to about any changes to my billing?

You can contact the KBMFC manager by emailing for any billing inquiries.

What if I can’t make it to the gym?

Here at KBMFC, we make sure that you get what you pay for. If you are unable to to make it to the gym or utilize your in-house membership, email at to explain your situation to us so we can help you meet your goals.



1. Please have good hygiene. If you smell like low tide in Boston Harbor it will offend me as well as some of the other clients. Even if you just wash the most important parts before you attend a class or a one on one session, that would help immensely and I am sure the other clients will be forever grateful.

2. If you can pick it up, then you can put it back. Please rack your weights when you are finished with class. My favorite past time is not cleaning up after adult women. It isn’t really my thing. I prefer long walks on the beach, potty humor and scalp massages.

3. Less talking, more working. If the only muscle that is being worked is your orbicular then please do not tell me at the end of the month that you haven’t hit your goal. I love camaraderie in the club but seriously, move your asses.

4. Please do not leave Swass and Swuss on your mats after a class. Use the towels and cleaner that is provided for you in the front of the workout room.

5. Please keep your voices to a minimum in the waiting room as well as walking up the stairs when you attend a class. Most of the time I finish class with a relaxing breathing exercise or some kind of gratitude meditation. No one cares about your terrible Tinder date when they are trying to manifest their desires during Savasana.

6. Class sizes may vary and I would appreciate it (and so would my O.C.D.) if you lined your mats up in a straight line and when classes are larger to make room for your neighbor, even if she is wearing a Yankee’s hat.

7. When I am in my office please do not knock on my door when you arrive. I have highly private conversations in my office, sometimes there are even tears and I and I am sure my clients do not want to be interrupted mid sentence. I know you are here and I keep track of my time and I will fetch you when it s your turn for “Katie Time”.

8. Please refrain from asking me questions in between classes. Sometimes I actually need a minute or two to think of the answer, not everything is black and white. If you have any questions about workouts, supplements, carb cycling, macros, meal plans, tanning, depletion etc., please formulate it in an email for or utilize the Facebook, Member’s Only Nutrition and Workout Page.

9. Please try your hardest to be on time. My time as yours is extremely valuable and I do not have the leisure to give extra time because there was traffic, or an accident on 93 North, or the dog ate your Lululemons. Capische?

10. Be positive. Show up and be present and upbeat. I work extremely hard to keep the energy in my environment high vibrational and you should to. It will make your workouts better, you will be happier and you will make more KBMFC friends. KBMFC is not just a gym and nutrition center. We pride ourselves on being a center for Spiritual Healing. If you bring your Debbie Downer Attitude into my domain it won’t be appreciated. Leave whatever happened to you before you get to KBMFC at the door.

Common Billing/ Agreement Questions


After the initial term of your agreement is up it will go to a month to month membership where a 30 day cancellation notice must be emailed to or sent via USPS to 1 Winn Ave. Hudson, NH 03051

After the term of the Virtual Training Program or your In-House Training Program is completed is completed, payments will continue month to month until a 30-day notice of cancellation is submitted in writing to or via USPS to 1 Winn Ave Hudson, NH 03051

E.g. If a notice is received on June 3rd and the next date of payment is June 5th, June 5th will be the client’s last payment, allowing 30 days for the notice of cancellation to be processed.

Notice of No Refunds


Membership payments that are outlined in the term of your agreement, product sales, and services cancelled less than 24 hours ahead of time are non refundable. For further inquiry, please email