Katie Boyd's Miss Fit Club is a Classy, Boutique All Women's Gym

We are open to Women of all Ages, Shapes and Sizes including the Pageant Girls, to Suburban Housewives to Yummy Mommy's!
We offer Boxing, TRX Training Classes, Boot Camps Daily & One on One Sessions with all of our Trainers. We also specialize in Air Brush tanning!

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Katie Boyd is the owner of Katie Boyd's Miss Fit Club in Hudson, New Hampshire. Katie is the proud sponsor of the Miss Massachusetts, Miss New Hampshire and Miss Maine USA and Teen USA pageants. She is also the official sponsor to the Miss Massachusetts America Pageant. Katie was crowned Miss Taunton 1999, Miss Bristol County 2000, Miss Fall River 2002, and Miss New Bedford 2004.

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Katie Boyd Top Pageant Trainer 2014



Have you ever dreamed of having all of your pageant expenses paid for and then some? Have you ever thought to yourself, if I could just afford to work with the best and have the best that would be my winning advantage? Does the cost of pageantry sometimes scare you and you really want to compete but when your logical side takes over you just cannot fathom going into debt trying to compete? Well, now your dreams are becoming reality. Katie Boyd's Miss Fit Club and some of the best in the business have come together and sponsored the ultimate winning package.This is the first contest like it in pageant history. The best thing, there is no competition. NO judgement, no subjectivity. Just and even playing field with great odds to win. SIGN UP NOW...

Katie Boyd Top Pageant Trainer 2014



From the nominations The Pageant Planet has received from our fans and our staff, we’ve voted Katie Boyd as the #1 Personal Trainer in 2014. She is an expert in the world of fitness and have had many successful clients! Read More...

Miss Fit Club Gift Certificates



We are now offering fitness certificates to purchase. You can now purchase $50, $100 and $200 gift certificates using PayPal and have them printed so you can add them to any holiday card. Click the link to purchase one today.

Monica Pietrzak Miss Connecticut 2009



Monica Pietrzak is a former pageant girl having competed in Miss USA. Monica held the title of Miss Connecticut USA in 2009, placing top 15 at Miss USA. She understands the importance of presentation and putting your best face forward. Interview is just as important as beauty, your gown and 1/3 of your overall score. For the past 9 years, she has worked in sales and management at some of the world’s best biotech and medical companies. Her history includes Pfizer, Novartis, Baxter Healthcare, Miller Heiman among others. Her roles have included interviewing candidates, coaching new hires and managing small teams to sell their best self first. She has coached her sister Miss Massachusetts USA 2012 Natalie Pietrzak, among girls who have placed top 5 in their local states. Pageants are not only about beauty, demonstrating to others that you ARE the winner. After all, Donald Trump is a business man. You are your own business. How you articulate this is where I can help!
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Want to feel fit and fabulous on your wedding day? It's all about setting goals, says trainer and reality-TV personality Katie Boyd. Personal trainer and certified sports nutritionist Katie Boyd may be known for whipping pageant entrants into shape, but she's also a pro when it comes to readying brides for their big day. The key, she says, is to start training as soon as you get engaged: "Because if you don't feel good at your wedding, then who cares what your flowers look like or what your bridesmaids are wearing? You're not going to be happy if you don't feel good."




Katie was taught Transcendental Meditation by the Chopra family in the hopes that the gift would be shared and taught to others. Meditation is a life changing practice where you align yourself with that which is divine. When is true alignment you achieve all your hopes, aspirations and dreams. TM is also incredible for handling life many stresses and reduces anxiety. Most of the world's leaders as well as Royalty, CEO's of Fortune 500 companies all the way to the 1% of affluent in the world practice Transcendental Meditation. Learning TM will forever change your life. There are many benefits to meditating with others. Meditation generates inner peace and the ability to connect with yourself at a deeper level. When you sit with others, it can be powerful to influence one another in a community setting.

Miss Fit Club Hudson NH



I am proud to announce that I will be offering a free pass valued for one week at Katie Boyd's Miss Fit Club here in Hudson, New Hampshire. If you are looking to stay in shape feel free to download the pass and print to show when you arrive and from there we can discuss what it is that you are looking to improve or even start your first workout. Any other questions feel free to email me.

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